Bodies are weird, to say the least! When one joint starts aching, another lasting medical problem is suddenly resolved, and vice versa. Now when you feel the onset of a sore throat, get a stuffy nose or encounter any of these daily issues, give these helpful hacks a shot.

Here we give you some useful tricks how to control your body and get rid of different health issues or discomforts.

Calm nerves

If you feel that you are so nervous you urgently need to calm down, and simply wash with cold water. It will make you to hold your breath for a short time, and get cold nerve receptors. The body begins to bring oxygen, and your nervous system calms down. Approximately the same effect has a glass of cold water.

Fear of injections

Some people find it difficult to gather the courage when they need to get injection. Next time, before that, cough a little – this will help distract from the painful procedure. However, first warn the nurse about your plan.

Throat discomfort

The most common ways to deal with the unpleasant feeling in your throat is to drink a cup of hot tea or rinse with salt water. However, there’s a less familiar, yet equally effective way to get rid of the discomfort in your throat – scratching your ear! According to otorhinolaryngologists, scratching your ear stimulates the ear endings and triggers a muscle spasm in the throat.


This trick is extremely beneficial for people with sensitive teeth. In case of a toothache, place a bag of ice in your hand, moving it between the thumb and index finger. As the nerve endings of the hand and face are located here, the movement of the ice will stimulate the nerves to send the appropriate signal to the brain. This will eventually reduce the pain.


We’ve all experienced an intense feeling of nervousness in the stomach along with heart palpitations before an exam, a job interview or a business meeting.

This may sound completely unbelievable, but you can easily calm yourself down by blowing your thumb. What makes this trick effective is the fact that it relaxes the so-called vagus nerve, the link between your mind and body responsible for the “gut feeling”.

Stuffy nose

Place your tongue on the palate, while using your fingers to press the area above your eyebrows. Hold like this for 20 seconds. You’ll feel immediate relief.

Prevent scars from burns

Aside from using a bag of ice, you can also relieve a burn by gently pressing it with your fingertips. This will make the temperature of that part of your body return to normal in a more natural way.

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