Community Pharmacy Services in the Health and Hope Clinic

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Health and Hope for Individuals, Inc. is a new nonprofit organization that promotes dental care as well as health care and wellness to those in the Santo Domingo area of the Dominican Republic. Health and Hope were created by a former foreign service contractor who served in the field of public health in the Western Caribbean region. This man was stationed in the poor rural communities in the rural regions where most people were living in poverty. The service provider developed a plan to empower these communities to take control of their dental care. The health and wellness initiative includes primary care management, health promotion activities, community-based preventive health education and nutrition programs, home health aide care and emergency health services.

Health and Hope aim to build a network of rural communities to strengthen the weak economic structures of the people and improve health and nutrition among the local population. These rural communities are receiving health care and hygiene services at no cost with the help of volunteers and sponsors. Since the start of this venture, there has been a remarkable improvement in nutrition among the people living in the community. Primary care professionals are conducting free health check ups at the homes of the people and checking the nutritional status of their children. The aim is to increase immunization and preventative care. In addition, the immunizations are carried out randomly to prevent any outbreak of diseases.

The health and hygiene services include free primary care management, free primary care and general surgery. There are free clinics and clean environments where dentists, doctors and surgeons can be seen. General surgery includes cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology and neurological surgery. The dental care provided is free for all community members.

The organization provides pharmacy services and free prescriptions at the local pharmacies. This allows for the collection and delivery of medication, reducing the number of trips taken by the family members. There are also many free referral programs available for the patients. Free medications include asthma medications, antibiotics and cancer medicines.

The free referral programs help people reduce their dental costs. There are many clinics that have pharmacy services in collaboration with the Health and Hope Clinic. The pharmacy services include free prescriptions and medication for those who need it.

The Community Clinic in Health and Hope provides free primary care management, free primary care and general surgery. There are two types of free primary care management. They include the Cash Value and the Free Care Management programs. These allow patients to visit the specialists without visiting the clinic first. The pharmacy services offer free primary care, dental care and pharmacy services for all community residents.