Major Signs You Are Magnesium Deficient


Very important mineral which is developing the function of your brain,muscles and heart function is magnesium.If you are lack of this mineral then it can cause several unwanted symptoms.That is why most of doctor are recommending magnesium in your everyday meal because this mineral is necessary to your body if you want to function normally.

4 symptoms which are responsible for magnesium deficiency:

  1. Ear ringing (hearing loss and tinnitus)

According to a Chinese study, magnesium inhibits free radical formation which is related to hearing damage in the cochlea, which makes magnesium an important mineral for people working in areas with loud noises.

Besides damaging your hearing, magnesium deficiency can also cause ringing in the ears. Luckily, a team of scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona discovered that taking 532 mg. of magnesium supplement can reduce the severity of condition.

  1. Depression

A years ago doctors were giving magnesium sulfate to patients who were suffering from depression.But recent Croatian studies have shown that,the magnesium concentration in patients who have tried to suicide themselves and in patients who have suffered from depression,had no suicidal tendencies.The results showed that the group of patients which attempted suicide had considerably lower magnesium levels than the other group.

  1. Heart arrhythmiaArrhythmia is caused generally when your body is lacking of magnesium.
    1. Kidney stonesMany people believe that kidney stones are caused by too much calcium in the body, but the truth is that they’re caused by low magnesium levels. Magnesium can inhibit kidney stones formation – more precisely, it can affect the binding of oxalate and calcium in the body, which combines to form kidney stones.
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