Especially in the U.S. hot dogs are the favorite meal of numerous people and what’s most alarming, mostly of children. Hot dogs have been brought to America by German immigrants.

Every summer, approximately 7 billion of hot dogs are consumed in America only. However, apart from their delicious taste, hot dogs are extremely harmful junk food.

These additives to the processed meat comprising of animal remains such as their legs, claw, skin and fat contribute to increasing the acidity in your body and that makes your body ripe for cancerous cells to thrive.

These leftovers are combined and made into a thick paste. Then, the producers add lots of additives such as corn syrup, MSG (monosodium glutamate), salt, nitrates and so on which are supposed to refine the taste of the sausage, but they actually make them one of the biggest cancer causing foods!

The amount of additives added depends on the area where the hot dogs are produced because people from different places have different tastes and needs. Monosodium glutamate and carmine are flavors made of dye from the shells of little beetles which are boiled in sodium carbonate or ammonia!

We can never be sure of the additives used for hot dogs because they are never written on the labels.

According to a study, conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research, the experts warn that just one hot dog a day increases your risk for colorectal cancer by 21%. Even organic hot dogs contain nitrite, sometimes even in higher amounts than the conventional hot dogs. Processed meats in general have been shown to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 67% in a study by the University of Hawaii.

Watch the video below to learn the horrible truth about hot dog production:


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